What Is a Name Generator? 10 Free Name Generators

As an entrepreneur, there is more to starting a business than simply coming up with an idea and plan for it. Many entrepreneurs are looking out for cryptocurrencies for international gamblers. Crypto trading can be enhanced with the use of trading bots. Bitsoft 360 is an effective algorithmic trading bot. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitsoft-360/ to learn more about the benefits of this platform. You are going to need a unique, eye-catchy brand name that will strike a chord with the target audience. Have you been faced with a situation where after spending hours to get a catchy brand name, you have not been able to get a domain for it? This is a common problem for which the best solution is to take the help of brand name generators.

Top Business Name Generators that you can use Today:

Name generators let you brainstorm brand names, to think outside the box, and to put your creativity into words. Here are some name generators that are highly-rated today:

  1. Shopify: Shopify is the go-to-choice for most brands because this generator will only show you brand names for which you can get domains. This spares you of the trouble of spending time making sure your brand name will get a domain. Moreover, it is designed to come up with unique brand name examples from which you can get ideas for your own brand.
  2. Brand Root: This is known for generating creative names with a registered domain name. Every listed brand name here is handpicked and later sold with a logo and reasonable price tag. You can use their handy search filters to search for names by category or keyword.
  3. Naming.Net: It lets you enter specific criteria, generating as many 24-816 names for each search. So, you can mention a root letter, word, syllable, or even add rhymes, Greek or Latin roots to introduce variations.
  4. Wordlab: It will churn out random business names that it gets from a list of almost 7 million potential names. Users can sign up for free accounts at Wordlab and post a topic on their forum to get ideas from the Wordlab community.
  5. Business Name Generator (BNG): You can input a single word or a group of words and it will take out a list of possible business brand names. BNG will also provide you with a list of available domain names for each name you choose.
  6. Anadea Business Name Generator: This is another popular free business name generator which you can use to come up with an appropriate name for your app or business. To use this, you simply have to type in some keywords relating to your business.
  7. Dot-O-Mator Name Generator: This easy-to-use name generator will display random business brand names when you click a button. You can then check to see if the names on the list have available domain names.
  8. Namesmith: Using this name generator, you can brainstorm business names from as many as 5 keywords at a time. The tool will come up with many suggestions from these keywords, adding prefixes and suffixes, making fantasy names, or deliberate misspellings to make the brand name unique.
  9. NameStation: Here, you can type in a few keywords to view many combinations of similar words, synonyms, and categorized wordlists. You may save the ones you like to create a unique brand name. NameStation even gives you access to crowd-sourced name contests whereby you can seek ideas from the community.
  10.  Oberlo: This business name generator makes the process of name-finding streamlined and easy. You only need to enter keywords which are relevant to the main business idea and then click on the option “generate names”. It is free and user-friendly and perfect for researching name ideas for small businesses.